Why Don’t We All Love Our Bodies?

I am writing this blog about body image I am 9 years old and this is my first blog. I am writing this blog to explain what body image is and how people feel about their body. I have got some very nice people to tweet me what they like and dislike about their body and I am going to put them in this blog. There is going to be a list at the bottom of this blog of which people kindly contributed and a big thank you to everyone that contributed. My mom @planetpavs helped me with this blog so thanks as well.:)

I have chosen this topic because the word body image is tossed around a lot and I don’t think many people really know what it means. Body image is what you see in the mirror or what you feel about your body. You can sometimes get the wrong picture in your head of what you are meant to look like from magazines and TV adverts. Some of my school friend’s use fat a lot in a bad way because they think they should be skinny. Some of the girls in my class are obsessed over wearing padded bra’s to make their boobs appear bigger.

In p.e we have to get changed in the classroom with the boys and most of the girls are scared to take their clothes off because they think the boys are going to look at them so they all hide around one table and get changed there every week and yes I am one of those girls because I am also scared that boys will look at me.

These are the comments we had:

Likes her legs;

Hates the bits with ‘fat’ on them – thighs, tummy, upper arms as women put fat around these areas.  Society programmed her to dislike these bits, as they mark her out to be a woman, and not a girl. Likes eyes, upper chest, and back;

When was a teenager, hated every part of her body, now growing to accept it. Fave part – legs, because they are long and lean, stretch marks not so good. 

She likes her feet and how her boots look the same when she takes them off! She dislike her neck when it hurts!

She doesn’t like my double chin, but she likes her red hair.

She has huge teeth and they make her embarrassed to smile

She hates stretch marks on thighs but likes her eyebrows! She likes her eyes; lips and smile but it took ages for her to like them. She doesn’t like her feet and she always feels fat, even though she’s not and it wouldn’t matter if she was.

Doesn’t like her double chin or jiggly belly, love confidence to overcome this – and her boobs!

Doesn’t dislike anything about body

She has a disability and it means sometimes she can’t hug her kids or take them to the park without her body hurting, this makes her sad

He likes his smile and has great facial hair – it’s different for girls and women.

Spent most of life worrying about her boobs –she is working on being happy with whole body.  Not easy but not reading glossy magazines will help

Boys used to ping her bra when she first started wearing one – made her not want to wear one.

Hated her curly hair but now  likes it because its funky and different

Likes hands because she can make things, write things and hold her kids hands.

Has never stood up straight.

Really like hands and feet – seem quite ‘feminine’ without being week.

Children used to tease her about her ears but now she is old and happy

Loves hair as its long and healthy – doesn’t like fat.

Doesn’t like how much hair her body grows but she doesn’t shave it because she wouldn’t feel different if most other women shave and she likes her legs cause they look good in shorts

ME: I don’t like my feet because they look really odd and I like my eyes and my ears because my ears look like elf ears and my eyes because they are big and brown.

Most of these women have said they dislike their fat and I think it’s because other people have told them they’re ugly or fat in some cases. I also think these women are worrying over their fat because you see really skinny women on the TV and magazines which paranoids you and makes you think you’re fat because you’re comparing yourself to really slim sized women. Having fat is absolutely normal I have fat; the queen has fat; everyone has fat so don’t be ashamed of it!!

A pretty face will change over the years a thin body will change over the years and a nice person will always be a nice person!!!

Looks aren’t important unless you just want to be looked at and we all need more than that.

This is a list of the people that contributed:

@seja75; @lsingz; @stillicides; @edanaming; @hannah_mcurtis; @anywavewilldo; @proudhermit; @2flamey; @kayeinglis; @thevicaragain; @bezukhova; @planetpavs; @kiminikrikket; @lscashe; @claireOT; @tintinnytins; @psychoticlynx; @itsjustahobby; @mbismark; @rhflan.

Thank you everyone who has read and contributed to it and just to say I am @activistpavs check out my page. Hopefully this won’t be my last blog and if you liked it RT and favourite please!!!

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17 Responses to Why Don’t We All Love Our Bodies?

  1. Tracey hendy says:

    Well done chick it’s brilliant keep it up xxx

  2. Troo says:

    I also hope this won’t be your last blog! Good luck 🙂

  3. Claire says:

    Thank you for writing such an interesting blog, Activist Pavs. I hope you’ll write some more of your thoughts, because I would be very interested to read them. Did any of the comments change what you thought about body image, or did they support ideas you already had?

  4. Amazing! What a beautiful first blog. 🙂

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  6. Charlie Williamson says:

    Go LP! Brilliant post 🙂 Looking forward to the next one x

  7. Pingback: Eating disorders: Some thoughts on being de-programmed « glosswatch

  8. This was really well-written, and it’s an important message that you conveyed. Hats off to you, Activist Pavs! Wish I would have written such smart things when I was your age. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  9. Don't Rain On My Parade says:

    Really enjoyed this blog post, it’s insightful and did inspire me to think of my own dislikes and likes (The latter more so!) Hope you continue to post more!

  10. mandy lipka says:

    If only we could clone you, our world would quickly become a more accepting place. Keep doing what you’re doing! You are lovely. A beautiful breath of fresh air.

  11. NaturalWoman says:

    Nice blog. Tweeted and favourited as requested.

  12. Alison says:

    Thank you. I enjoyed reading. I am 47 and the main thing I wish is that I hadn’t spent so much of my teens and 20s thinking I looked awful. I look back now and I looked just great.
    Look forward to reading more of your blogs in the future!

  13. allison sampson says:

    Hello lovely. We all spend a lot of our youth obessing about our bodies and its a waste of time. Im older and wiser now and now know as long as im healthy and within my correct bmi its all good. I NEVER read celeb mags. they are poisinous drivvle. Giving birth finally gives your body the purpose it was designed for. I hope you can have a posative image of your beautiful body and inspire others to do the same.

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